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Stefan Spoerri  Licensed Fishing Guide Since 1998


When I first started fishing Delaware River more than thirty years ago, I was amazed at the profusion and diversity of life within the crystal clear waters and along the banks.  I made the river valley my home soon after.  I have spent every available moment on the water, observing the flow of life and the change of the seasons. During my down time, I am at home tying the flies that my guests and I  have found to be particularly effective in catching the wily Upper Delaware river brown and rainbow trout, as well as smallmouth bass.

  After more than fifteen years as a professional fishing guide, thousands of river trips, and tens of thousands of miles of rowing the river, I have become attuned to the annual cycle of life and I enjoy sharing that experience and knowledge with my guests.  In the Spring of 2014 I ordered a new boat and I am happy to say that I am now rowing a 2014  ClackaCraft 16' Low Profile Drift boat made to my speciifications.  It is a comfortable, stable fishing platform that is a pleasure to row and has been a pleasure for my guests to fish from.

  Stefan  Spoerri

  • Licensed to guide in Pennsylvania and New York State, as well as by the National Park Service

  • Insured

  • Thousands of trips

  • Tens of thousands of miles rowed

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