During the early season, brown and rainbow trout can be caught anywhere in the Upper Delaware River system.  As the water warms, the trout fishing moves upstream into the upper reaches of the East and West Branches, where the water is always cold.  Even in the summer heat, the West Branch offers excellent fly action to those who enjoy technical Nymph and dry fly fishing.   Keep in mind that trout are a cold-water fish and should not be pursued in water warmer than 68 degrees F.,  so once a river section warms above 68 on a daily basis, I will not fish for trout there. 

Smallmouth Bass

Smallmouth Bass Inhabit the mainstem of the Delaware River and offer exciting sport for anglers of all skill levels.  As the water temperature surpasses seventy degrees, the bass action really turns on and continues into late fall.  These hardy  fish can tolerate a wide range of temperatures and can be caught throughout  the summer months.

American Shad

Every Spring the American Shad begins it's spawning migration from the Atlantic Ocean to the upper reaches of the Delaware River. 

These hard fighting fish are in the river from mid April through June.


Walleye are a predatory fish that inhabit the deeper eddys​ and pools of the Delaware system.  Walleye are best targeted during the colder months and can usually be caught along with Smallmouth Bass.

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